Research Topics in Microscale Heat Transfer Enhancement Laboratory
The laboratory has been built since spring, 1984. There are plenty of thermal and flow measurement apparatuses. Majors are, for instance, Solatron Data Logger (extendable to 200 channels), TSI Flow Channel Analyzer, IR Detector, and Dantec 2-D Fiber-Optics LDV Systems with CCD camera imaging processing systems. The research interests areas for past 28 years include (but not limited to) Enhancement Heat Transfer in engineering applications. In addition to the above instruments, several experimental facilities are now in operation. They are rotating (up to 2000 rpm) channel systems (horizontal and vertical type) for both convective / impingement cooling, pool /flow boiling (R134a, R407c and R600a as test fluids) testing loops, and waste heat recovery systems plus several ATX (with cpu P3733) PCs equipped as auxiliaries/back up for data processing. Some detailed information as to research areas are listed below:

Research Areas Focus

  1. Separated flow phenomena over roughened surfaces
  2. Enhanced heat transfer in waste heat recovery systems
  3. Gas turbine blades internal cooling
  4. Enhanced tubes applied to household air conditioners
  5. Three-dimensional natural convection in encloses with different working mediums at high Rayleigh numbers (Ra≧109)
  6. MEMS manufacturing processes and micro channel flow and heat transfer 7. Fuel cell dynamics and fuel cell manufacture for PEMFC (including DMFC)
  7. Microspray cooling in microelectronion application / Micro vapor chamber spreader design and fabrication
  8. DNA molecules stretching in structured microchannels